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This video will turn your head

I previously wrote about panoramic images and viewers.

GoPro camera fans can get into the act now with spherical panorama videos.* Kolor has free player apps for Mac, Windows and iOS, along with a handful of sample videos.

The creation process appears to be the same as with Kolor's static panorama software. Record views in all directions, then "stitch" the views together into an equirectangular file. Due to the nature of a moving scene, one must use multiple cameras for video, while a single camera can be used for a static scene.

Without the panoramic viewer, the videos look like any other equirectangular image. The Kolor Eyes viewer for iOS, like the iPano viewer for stills, reacts to the movement of the iOS device. Thus, panning around the device creates the illusion of looking through a window frame into an alternate world.

In short order, I can see this technology being added to mobile games with visors. Still not a holodeck, but a fun novelty.

* I have no association with Kolor, except as a customer.
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