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Re: What do you consider is the best film adaptation of a scifi book?

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i love Planet of the Apes but the book is very very different from the novel. not sure i'd consider it a good adaption. great film though.
I think that raises the question of how one defines "good adaptation." Does it mean an accurate/faithful adaptation? I don't believe so. Because the definition of the word "adapt" is "change to fit new circumstances." So to me, a good adaptation isn't one that copies the original as closely as possible. That's more atavism than adaptation. A good adaptation is one that changes the source work in a good way. By that standard, PotA is a very good adaptation. It changed the story in a way that resulted in a classic that transcended its source material.

Good point. We shouldn't take for granted that "best" equals "most faithful." Fidelity to the original source is not the only criteria that matters, or even the most important.

It's possible to make a perfectly faithful adaptation that doesn't work at all as a film, or to take major liberties and still come up with a great movie or TV show.
I think that it's an essential ambiguity in the OP question as phrased. Instead of asking for the "best film adaptation", to clarify, one has to, say, ask for "best film that's an adaptation" or "best adaptation of a book into film", and put the adjective "best" directly against the word you want it to modify and especially don't fuse "best", "film", and "adaptation" into the same noun phrase!
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