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Re: Forced perspective, painted backdrops and the refit Enterprise

King Daniel Into Darkness - Yeah, that floor painting is truly a piece of work!

I had thought of mentioning it in my opening entry, but it was quite long enough already! The floor painting turned up (partially) in TWOK as well, during Kirk's inspection of Engineering. As for what it looked like from other angles, wonder no more:

Christopher - I think a certain suspension of disbelief is called for in all areas of Star Trek, set design included. I certainly don't mean to criticise the limits of the technology available at the time - but I don't see any harm in acknowledging them, either!

The FP sets and backdrop paintings were put together by talented individuals to add depth to otherwise small sets. When used as intended, they carry the illusion perfectly well. However, directors do not like to be constrained by limited camera angles, which is where most of the "gaffs" I've highlighted occur.

Although I favour the "Thermian" approach myself in terms of DIY deckplans (I'll get around to them one of these days!) I freely admit that sometimes you just have to go with what was intended by the production staff and turn a blind eye to seemingly weirdly angled corridors in the distance!
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