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Re: TNG: Death in Winter by Michael Jan Friedman Review Thread (Spoile

I was always underwhelmed with this one as well. The best I've ever really had to say about it was that it was about average when it came out, and that, given the consistent quality of the books that came after it, it's slipped from that since then. I think I would have liked it better if it didn't feel more like an epilogue to Nemesis (at least for Picard and Crusher's relationship) stretched out to fill an entire novel.

The fact that, as mentioned, Worf and Geordi end up just seeming like an afterthought is really bothersome for me. This was the first novel set post-Nemesis for the TNG crew, I suppose I was expecting it to serve as something of a new pilot for the crew. Maybe it was a case of expectations not approaching reality, but this one always comes out seeming like a disappointing start to the post-Nemesis TNG stories and an underwhelming standalone.
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