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Re: Any old timers still around?

^by never hearing of that particular command, I suppose.
Did you have that cool moon landing simulation game, too? I loved it. You could break or engage with the number keys but had only a limited supply of fuel. When you ran out of gas you crashed. I'm afraid I left quite a lot of craters on the virtual moon...
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You ever get involved in HAM radio tv, or APARS?
indirectly. Am the only non-licensed person in a family of HAMs. Dad had one of the first licenses after the war (during the American occupation, even) and was head of the German club (DARC) for decades & was a packet radio and computer pioneer. So I basically grew up with that stuff. Am seriousely considering to get licensed now (since you don't have to do the Morse exam anymore).
You a HAM, too, I guess?

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