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Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

About the Simm (Storyline)

The Marjorn Sector is teeming with ore and goods from six points within the 20 light-year expanse. Starbase 249 serves as a central hub for distribution and barter. Things are meant to be closely monitored by Starfleet personal and other employees of the base, but with so many goods, things always go missing. Each key power in Marjorn has sent an official to oversee their planet's stake as well as arrange trade from the other major powers in the Alpha Quadrant.

The world of Algor is controlled by a religious people who tend to trade only when necessary. Fangalor is an ocean world on the farthest outskirts of the sector. The most central world of the sector is Cerol, where a great peace treaty was signed over 500 years ago by all the neighboring worlds. A mining emporium controls an asteroid field several light years from SB 249.

The base is run by Starfleet with Lieutenant Commander Ryan Murphy in charge, but he is not alone. Civilian operations is run by an appointed Civilian Representative elected very two years by the stations residents. The senior officer of Judge Advocate General's office is a third voice in the overall leadership of the base.

The current Civilian Representative is Vince Omen of Netu Prime. He has lived on the Station for ten years and been in charge of civilian operations for the last four. He is stepping down at the end of his term. Names are being cast for a new representative. It could be you.

2390 could be your year to follow your dreams and take on that role who've wanted to try for so long. Join us and make a difference.

About us (OOC):

We are an active simm with fun, mature, down to earth and no drama players. We are all about the storylines, having fun. Our missions are interactive, challenging and everyone's ideas are always welcome. We pride our selves on being easy going, yet we are active posters who have a good time with what we do. Our character interactions are rich and vibrant, and we are looking for people to add to our close knit crew.

If you are interested, you can visit us at: - our applications are available there. I can be reached on Skype as MichaelJTritter and I look forward to hearing from you!

Positions Available:

Executive Officer
Chief Operations Officer
Chief Engineering Officer
Chief Communications Officer
Chief Medical Officer
Chief Science Officer
Engineering Officers
Medical Officers
Intelligence Officers
Marines (Officers and Enlisted)
Communications Officers
Operations Officers
Strategic Operations Officers
Security and Tactical Officers

Lieutenant Commander Ryan Murphy
Starbase 249 Commanding Officer
Task Force 21-B
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