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Re: Bitcoin - What exactly is the big deal?

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well, yes. That's kinda how investment works, after all. It's a gamble. The higher the potential for growth, more potential for loss as well. You risk what you're comfortable with.

Hell, PurpleBuddha is probably kicking himself right now. His $70 investment was sold for $380 and he was happy, but if he had sold it today, a week later, he'd have had a little over $500 instead.

Market for this is kinda crazy right now. I was tempted to join in, but feel like I kind missed it. Maybe next time it takes a crazy 50% dip...
I am not kicking myself at all. I made a 500 percent return in a month and a half. Even though I didn't originally consider it an investment (too small), anything I do invest I have personal lines where I will not gamble beyond. In the long run that servers me well. Sure in retrospect I could have made more, but I was happy enough with the return as it was to take it then rather continue the risk.

Maybe given the small amount involved I could have just sat back and watched what would happen, but I don't like to push that line too much.
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