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Re: Survivor 27: Blood vs Water

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This season has gotten better since the switch. It helped that the really irritating people (Brad & Colton) left early. But, Vytas, Hayden and Caleb are killing it strategically, Tyson has pulled off the 'Likable villain' role, Tina and Monica are dominating the social game. It's got me really interested to see how it all turns out. It'll also be interesting how Jon fits in if he comes back from Redemption.

Also, could the hidden idol not even come into play this season?
Hee, Tyson burned the idol for absolutely no reason at all other than his own paranoia - he didn't get a single vote, and now he's got no idol.

I'm willing to bet the next person who's offered a clue after Redemption Island won't toss it in the fire.

I'm impressed with Monica's immunity run.
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