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Re: UT-TFV: "No Win Scenario"

Happy Thanksgiving everyone,

To your comments, no it's not good and unfortunately for most in involved there aren't going to be any reminiscences at Quark's.

************************************************** **************

Main Bridge
USS Ariane

Commander Rhizzo grabbed her armrests as the compact ship dove underneath a volley from the Empress. What the Saber lacked in size and firepower, it made up for in speed and maneuverability.

“Pattern kappa 010,” Rhizzo ordered. Zileena worked in conjunction with the helm to execute the attack maneuver. The Zaranite lobbed several quick punches into the Galaxy’s secondary hull before rolling away from their returning fire.

“I can do this all day,” Rhizzo muttered. She wished a communications line had been open so she could’ve made the boast to Captain Erasia.

“But we shouldn’t,” Lt. Commander Atwell had leaned forward and was speaking quietly to her. “It seems that Captain Erasia has become as insistent on throwing away her career as you have.”

“I’m trying to prevent greater loss of life by showing the Kothlis’Ka we have resolve,” Rhizzo shot back. “The last thing we need is another Dominion, testing our resolve and finding us lacking enough to initiate a larger war.”

“And what kind of impression do you think breaking formation and getting into a tussle with the Empress is showing them?” Atwell wouldn’t back down. “It’s showing them that we are undisciplined, that we are irresolute.”

“I’ll do whatever it takes to defend the Federation!” The Zakdorn snarled.

“Then stop this insane battle,” Atwell pleaded.

“Captain,” Ops Officer Vidula interceded, “The K’mpec and Shuttlesworth have broken away and are headed toward the ongoing battle between the Chakuun and the Kothlis’Ka armada.”

“Which is where we should be going,” Atwell added.

“Maybe that’s one way to get Captain Erasia to fight the real enemy,” Rhizzo grinned. “If we have to drag her kicking and screaming into the maw of our adversaries that’s just what we’ll do.”
************************************************** ********

Main Bridge
USS Empress

Captain Erasia had just sat upright, after the salvo from the Ariane had knocked her against one side of her command chair, when Commander Sheppard piped up.

“Ariane is disengaging,” the Brit said, “And is now following Shuttlesworth and K’mpec.”

“It appears that Commander Rhizzo is giving up the fight,” a relieved Chief Thav said from the aft engineering console.

“No,” Tan shook her head. “She’s just trying to draw me into the bigger battle.” The Efrosian’s face contorted with disgust. “How insufferable she is, to think she can force my hand this way.”

“Maybe she has a point,” Commander Sheppard suggested. Tan’s gaze was hotter than plasma.

“Elaborate,” she ordered; her voice even frigid enough to make her shiver. The first officer paused, collecting his thoughts and doubtlessly carefully selecting his words.

“Sir,” he began and then stopped. Another recalculation, “Perhaps we have…gotten confused about who the real enemy is here.”

“What do you mean by that?” She snapped.

“Commander Rhizzo’s actions had to be addressed,” he conceded, “but I think you’ve sent the appropriate message. Now it appears that she is back to supporting the other taskforce members.”

“How long is that going to last?” Tan demanded. “She’s too much of a wildcard.”

“I don’t deny that,” Sheppard said, “I mean, really no one can after her behavior these past several days. But maybe a wildcard is exactly what we need right now.”

“I don’t follow,” Erasia replied.

“We are grossly outnumbered and we can’t be sure yet if the Chakuun will be on our side or not,” the first officer pointed out. “Being unpredictable, throwing out the rule book, might just be the thing that saves us.”

“Commander Sheppard might be right,” Thav said, “I mean, there’s nothing in the rule book to address this situation.”

Tan pushed up from her seat so that she could turn around and look her old friend in the eye. “Not you as well.”

The thickset Andorian shrugged, “I don’t see how dropping this hatchet will make things any worse.”

“I think you mean burying,” Sheppard piped up.

“Excuse me?” Thav asked and the captain looked askance.

“Never mind,” the first officer said, “It’s a human thing.” Thav laughed.

“Humans,” he muttered, shaking his head. The captain smiled sympathetically.

“Let’s join the rest of our taskforce,” Tan said, “We’ll deal with Rhizzo later.” The captain felt the tension ease on the bridge with her proclamation. Her crew would much rather be facing the Kothlis’Ka than each other.

Erasia sat back down, tugging her tunic as she did so. She had to admit that an albatross had been lifted from around her neck. One that had been placed on her neck by Commander Rhizzo and one removed from it…at least for now.

That didn’t sit too well with her. While contemplating that sad state of affairs, Erasia ordered the helm to pursue the Ariane, but this time in the spirit of amity.
************************************************** **********
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