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Re: The Walking Dead Season 4

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My guess is they are paralleling the comics with the scene with the tank, although Herschel will be a stand in for another major character. My prediction is that he dies and Beth and Judith die. The governor will die at the hands of Lilly and the prison will be abandoned.
I can imagine one of the adults being killed, so it would add greater pressure on the Glenn/Maggie relationship (marry while you can), only for the showrunners to kill one of the couple off at the end of season 4 or sometime in 5.

Someone mentioned Glenn as a potential victim...

Possible, but I think the drama of Maggie no losing another family member and leaning on Glenn (or becoming hard-hearted) will be something to exploit down the road.

Just one thing: on an early segment of Talking Dead, one of the showrunners said Beth's attitude toward loss/death (in the scene with Daryl) would be explored later in the season, so this might be a hint that she survives, contrary to the idea that she takes Lori's comic book place.
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