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Yoshi Baldwin
Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

Want to be apart of something new? create new stories then the same ones that have already been written? If so you come to the right place.

The Storyline for the USS Shadow

The year is 2387 and romulan and remus are about to be destroyed by the Hobus supernova that is traveling at tremendous speed. The Federation turns its back on them and orders that Admiral Riskin of starbase bravo not to send any ships to rescue the romulans or face court marshell. Well several ships as well as the ships assigned to starbase bravo defy orders and mounts a rescue team and set course for romulas. They arrived and rescued about 40,000 romulans before the supernova hits and destroyed the planets. Spock was able to stop it before it destroyed anymore worlds. Because the ones who were apart of the rescue as well as sb bravo have seceded from the federation and are now apart of the newly formed Raeyan Alliance. Yoshi was the XO of the USS Atlantis at the time of the rescue. The Ronulans are now living on there new homeworld Mandukar.

Now the Year is 2389, two years later Captain Yoshi Baldwin was newly promoted and became commanding officer of the USS Shadow a Sovereign class starship that is fited with a Romulan cloaking device which is being operated by a Romulan Engineer assigned to the shadow. There current mission is they are being sent deep inside the Hobus system under cloak to meet with the USS fearless under the command of Commodore Dana Taggart. We are to figure out why the hibus supernova happened and why it travelled so quickly when it should have taken 500 years to reach romulas and remus. We are on day 2 of our two week journey. The rest is waiting to be written and with ur creativity id have it made.

Positions Available

Only got a few Chief positions left so, if your interested please feel free to join.

Chief Positions

Chief Flight Control Officer
Chief Strategic Operations Officer
Chief Operations Officer

If your not really wanting to join as a Chief position we do have alot of Assistant Chief Positions available.

Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer
Assistant Chief Strategic Operations Officer
Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer
Assistant Chief Operations Officer
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
Assistant Chief Counselor
Assistant Chief Science Officer
Marine XO
Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer
Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer

If your interested in joining the crew of the USS Shadow please send me a message at and check out my site
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