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Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

The Gamma Quadrant.

Long considered a vast expanse of mystery and danger, this hostile frontier is being slowly tamed. In the five years since the end of the Dominion War, people from across the Alpha and Beta quadrants, starships and colonists, have ventured into the night, seeking their fortunes. In the Federation, Starfleet has sent forth a number of missions, their purpose to fulfill Starfleet’s mandate.

And they have.

New alliances have been made, as have new enemies. Among the worlds of the Dominion, the tyrannical grasp of the Founders loosens as Odo’s message of peace with the Solids spreads across their empire. The Myosians, a confederation of worlds colonized by a united people long ago, seeks out the friendship of the Federation, inviting them to their worlds. A new enemy, the Tal’Harton, even now seek out any who defy the will of their god – and see special heresy in the faithful of the Dominion and on Bajor. Even as they move to wipe out those they call heretics, they see a wonder in that blasphemy. The Trill, specifically the symbionts, interests them for a reason only their minds can fathom.

The Federation has moved into the Gamma Quadrant in force. Even now, Starfleet personnel are en route to the heart of the Myosian Confederation, taking up their hosts invitation to administrate Starfleet operations from their territory. Several Federation starships work tirelessly charting this new frontier, as well as carrying colonists and supplies to the recently settled worlds and coming to their aid when called.

At the vanguard of this effort for Starfleet is the USS Hartington, a Galaxy-class explorer manned by a crew of eager men and women from across the Federation and beyond.

What are we looking for?

Senior Officers/Lead NCOs:
Operations Officer
Diplomatic Officer
Chief of the Boat (Command)
Master-At-Arms (Security)
Boatswain (Operations)

All Assistant and Deputy Department Heads (except Engineering)
All Junior Officers
All Enlisted Personnel
Starfleet Cadets
Civilian Personnel
Alien Exchange Officers

Players that take on the role of Senior Officers are asked to begin as lower ranking individuals for the first story, acting as your trial period. After the successful completion of a mission, the player will be promoted to the Chief position. Players that wish to stay as Junior Officers may elect to do so.

We are also calling all Starfleet Marines and MACOs, the USS Hartington is recruiting specifically for our MACO Detachment. This storyline will be focused on a small peacekeeping force sent by the Federation into the Gamma Quadrant with the Starship Hartington. Their primary mission will be to act as roaming troubleshooters for the new colonies established in the Gamma Quadrant. It's the Wild West of Star Trek and we need you to help tame it!

We're looking for both Officers and Enlisted Troopers to round out our team. Positions include:

Platoon Medic
MACO Troopers

What we are looking to write is basically a Band of Brothers type story in the Star Trek Universe. It's supposed to be a personal, intimate story of those bonds that form between soldiers, not just a shoot'em'up style. The story will be from the perspective of the troopers in one MACO Platoon, though they aren't the only MACOs aboard the ship. They'll interact with a number of other MACO and Starfleet personnel aboard the Hartington and while away on assignment.

Players of all experience levels and interests are welcome. Our hope is to develop junior officers as a thriving lower decks setting in order to promote the characters up and establish new companion sims to expand our setting. You can visit our gameplay site at
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