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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

Yeah I'm reading all the Avenger-y books, it still feels incomplete and rushed

It's not just the glossed over events of them conquering entire worlds over and over, it's more the anti-climactic resolutions to the conflicts. The Builders were utterly invincible and defeated everyone with their unstoppable technology, yet Thor tosses a hammer through one and suddenly they collapse like a house of cards. And Captain Universe just walks in and kills them all. And then Thanos gets punched a few times then frozen in carbonite. It's all highly unsatisfying.

I definitely enjoyed Infinity, and it was much better than Age of Ultron (which I hated) and Battle of the Atom (which I was indifferent to), I just expected more from Hickman's first major crossover. I loved his work on FF and SHIELD and I've been mostly enjoying his Avengers run so far, though I don't think his style and tone is proper for the Avengers. Too cold and intellectual.

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