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Re: Any old timers still around?

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Not sure of when I joined the Admirals' Lounge but I've been there long enough to remember when some of our more legendary, beloved and long-gone posters were still active and we had multiple pages' worth of threads on any given day.

Good times.
You were a Flaptain with me in 2001 but you post much faster than I do. I'd estimate you joined the Admirals some time around the middle of 2002.

As for age: my first PC was a Commodore PET2001. Discettes were not invented yet - it used audio tapes as storage medium. Nobody dared to dream of a RAM larger than a few kilobyte and we used to program in BASIC.
Soon after, we started experimenting with something we called "packet radio": computer signals sent piggyback on HAM radio signals. From that rather primitive first step first the arpanet and finally the internet evolved within a decade.
And viruses and spam had not been invented either.
Ah! Those were the days! =)

Oh, btw, the old PET still runs perfectly
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