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Re: what's your local weather?

heehee, if they are anything like my dogs they'll have the backyard snow trampled down to 2 inches in no time =)
btw, rhubarbodendron is awfully long - feel free to shorten it. Most people just say rhubarb
As for the tea - I really need a vacation. Grabbed the wrong bag from my freezer and almost made parsley tea instead of peppermint tea yesterday! It'd have been an interesting experience, to be sure LOL (I grow both herbs on my roof terrace and deep-freeze my crop in fall)

29C and even 19C sound heavenly! -5C here atm (I believe that's somewhere around 25F) and the first real snow. We had a dusting on Tuesday but today it's 1 inch and growing.
Here's the "idyllic" view from my office:
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