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Re: Happy 19th Birthday, Star Trek Generations!

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For all its flaws, the biggest problem with Generations was how emotionally "flat" the losses of Kirk and the Enterprise felt. If they could've given those two bits more emotional "oomph", I think the film would be remembered much more fondly.

Makes me sad that it was the only time we get to see a Galaxy-class starship on the big-screen.
They forgot that the Enterprise herself was a character, and to have Picard just say, "Oh well, we all know we'll get an even better ship for Christmas!" was an absolute insult. If the crew doesn't even care about their ship, why should I? Maybe that's why I never got into the Enterprise E.
Aye. Compare the death of the Enterprise-D vs. the the death of the original Big E in TSFS, and the latter was definitely more emotional. Shatner really sold the idea that Kirk's heart sank *hard*, complete with the ship falling through the sky like a shooting star from old fairy tales.

One thing about the E-D is that it had a large TV audience and she withstood everything that the universe threw at her for 7 years. To get punked out like that with little emotional impact is an understatement.

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I do think the ship was "disrespected" to a degree, by one really stupid factor: the Bird of Prey. Shields or no shields, having the E-D get taken down by that dinky little thing was just weird.
Not just a dinky ship, but visually speaking, it was virtually the same ship that had been featured in the previous 4 movies, too. At first glance, it's a ship that older, obsolete Enterprises defeated in the past. Secondly, by repeating the same design 4 times in a row (esp. when facing literally the future of Star Trek), the audience's sense of threat disappears and we're forced to wonder, "Who cares?"

Had the ship been a Vorcha class, at least that would simultaneously be a money-saver while still presenting something relatively new, at least on the big screen. I half-expected a BoP to somehow pop up during First Contact!
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