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Re: The Curator.... Who is he? (SPOILERS for "The Day of the Doctor")

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Moffat could have fallen back on Davison as a back-up, but Colin and Sylvester would probably never have been Moffat's back-up plan as he doesn't think much of either of them as actors.
Ouch, really? I know Davison is Moffat's favourite, but I didn't realize he was so harsh towards C Baker and McCoy. I can easily picture any of them portraying the Curator perfectly.
A caveat, this interview is now almost twenty years old.

Steven Moffat wrote:
I'm talking retrospectively now, when I look back at Doctor Who now. I laugh at it, fondly. As a television professional, I think how did these guys get a paycheck every week? Dear god, it's bad! Nothing I've seen of the black and white stuff - with the exception of the pilot, the first episode - should have got out of the building. They should have been clubbing those guys to death! You've got an old guy in the lead who can't remember his lines; you've got Patrick Troughton, who was a good actor, but his companions - how did they get their Equity card? Explain that! They're unimaginably bad. Once you get to the colour stuff some of it's watchable, but it's laughable. Mostly now, looking back, I'm startled by it. Given that it's a children's show, and a teatime show, I think the Peter Davison stuff is well constructed, the characters are consistent

Peter Davison is a better actor than all the other ones, that's the simple reason why he works more than all the other ones. There is no sophisticated, complicated reason to explain why Peter Davison carried on working and all the other Doctors disappeared into a retirement home for lardies. He's better and I think he's extremely good as the Doctor. I recently watched a very good Doctor Who story, one I couldn't really fault. It was Snakedance. Sure it was cheap but it was beautifully acted, well written. There was a scene in it where Peter Davison has to explain what's going on, the Doctor always has to. Now some drunk old lardie like Tom Baker would come on to a sudden, shuddering halt in the middle of the set (and) stare at the camera because he can't bear the idea that someone else is in the show. But Peter Davison is such a good actor he managed to panic on screen for a good two minutes so he had you sitting on the edge of your seat, thinking god, this must be really, really bad. He shrills and shrieks and fails around marvellously.
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Here's something I began to wonder today.

If Baker hadn't agreed to appear as the Curator, would Moffat have offered the role to Davison? Or would that scene never have happened?
I was thinking about that earlier in the day myself. While Tom Baker may have been the first choice for the role for a variety of reasons (oldest living Doctor, fan favourite) I imagine they have been prepared to go to one of the other classic Doctors.
It struck me this evening that the Curator could have been Eccleston's role. Imagine that how that would have played. The Doctor we had always known as the one who suffered the most for Gallifrey's destruction, to have him suddenly appear and hint that, no, it was saved after all! I'm probably thinking nonsense here, yet it makes so much sense to me intuitively.
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