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Re: Supernatural Season 9 (Spoilers)

A fun little purity ring/sex comedy indeed. The show has always been good at casting female guests. They even got an attractive church lady.

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I loved it when Dean found out about the ex-porn star, whom he ended up sleeping with. Lucky bastard.
I didn't think they'd find a way to go there, but they did. I'm reading the IMDb boards and some people aren't too happy with the episode. One thought that the show has become all about sex and another thought that what Dean did was a bit reckless and douchey because he put the girl above the mission and tried to take advantage of someone who was trying to reform their life. Sounds like the gist of these arguments is that even the writers can get carried away when it comes to sex and in doing so, end up not writing it properly. I like to see what people think after episodes like these, especially as someone who was more taken by Susie Abromeit's hotness and Dean's incredible luck.

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And it was a bit of an overshare when he told the group of virgin/neo-virgin women about the whole sexual experience.
I liked their reactions. A lot of truth in that.
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