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Re: JD's Comic Book Thread

I finished reading Vol. 2 of W&tXM last night, and I loved it.
My Shelfari review wrote:
I really enjoyed this one, it definitely continues the mix of good story and humor from the first one. The first three issues in the collection follow two story lines, and actually manage to make them both interesting, which something that a lot of movies, TV shows, ect. that do this kind of parallel storytelling struggle with at times. The last, more stand alone issue, brought me my first encounter with classic X-Men villain Sabertooth, which I also really enjoyed. My only minor issue with that one was the fact that the only X-Man he interacts with is Beast, so I didn't get to see the more well know Sabertooth/Wolverine rivalry. I did like that that one brought back the Hellfire Club, who appear to be the series main villains.
I rated it 5/5. I didn't mention it in my review, but Broo and Quentin Quire are quickly becoming favorite characters. Where is it best to read Alpha & Omega?
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