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Re: First time watching Enterprise!

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First Flight

I have heard it said that the creators of Enterprise originally wanted the first season or half a season to be set on earth and show the events leading up to the creation and launch of Enterprise. I donít know how true that is but if this was the kind of stories they had in mind then I would have loved having the first half of season one being on earth.

I love this episode. We get to see some backstory for Archer and Trip and how they met. We get to see that bar maid that has been mentioned in previous episodes by various characters. We get a really good character in the form of Robinson I wish eh was in more episodes. We also get to see the Vulcans being frustrating in their interference and influence in the development of human technology.

The events in this episode make Archers earlier behaviour toward Vulcans just as dickish as before but more understandable if you see it as the result of years, decades even, of having to put up with this kind of interference.

I'm hoping there are more episodes like this one and I award it a full five stars
Brandon Braga said at the Vegas convention in 2010 that he did want the first season to be on Earth. It was the network that said no.

This is one of my favorite episodes. (#5 in Enterprise)

I love how they told the story and love the dialog between Archer and T'Pol throughout.

Love how T'Pol sensed something wrong with Archer and thought he needed some company on his trip.

T'POL: We should reach the edge of the phenomenon in two hours, forty six minutes. I can pass the time by meditating, but if you'd prefer to talk?
ARCHER: Go ahead and meditate.
T'POL: Would you like to join me? You seem quite unsettled since your call from Admiral Forrest.
ARCHER: I'm fine.
T'POL: Commander Tucker was reluctant to discuss it as well, though he did mention an old colleague had died.

ARCHER: T'Pol, come up and look at this a minute.
T'POL: I have to monitor the quantum field.
ARCHER: Let the sensors do it. That's why AG and I worked so hard to get out here.

T'POL: I believe there's a human custom that says when you discover something of merit, you earn the right to name it.
ARCHER: What would you suggest? The T'Pol - Archer nebula?
T'POL: I was thinking the Robinson nebula would be more appropriate.

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