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Re: First time watching Enterprise!

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I'm glad your enjoying thsi thread sorry if i keep taking a while to update it. As to the cogenitor im not sure if i can adequately express my opinion on that but i will give it a go.

I dont think Trip was right to interfere. The situation of how these aliens treat their third gender is wrong by humanstandards but his sneaking around behind peoples backs and teaching it that led to its suicide. This was a new race and they had only just begun to learn about their socioty and customs which were obviously different from humans.

Trip was clearly uncomfortable with the idea of a third gender and that was before he found out that it wasnt granted the same rights as the other two. But if he wanted to try and change that he sure went about it the wrong way. He should have done proper research into understanding how this alien socioty works and finding open minded members of this race to try and convince. Instead he went sneaking round behind peoples backs, tresspassing uninvited in their homes, and only succeeded in seeding distrust between the two races and causing an unnecessary death.

Whats more he had her believing that the humans with their great beliefs about freedom and individuality and asylum would save her if she asked them to. If Archer had agreed to her asylum he would have made a bad situation worse perhaps even caused a hostile response form this more advanced species and most likely have ended any friendly relationship that might one day arise between Humans and Vissians.

It was wrong that the Vissians wouldnt grant the cogenitor equal rights and very unfortunate that she chose to kill herself but there is the glimmer of hope that this incident will make the Vissians reconsider how cogenitors are treated. So bascially i think the Vissians were wrong but i dont agree woth what Trip did and i do agree with what Archer did
Great assessment in my view.

One thing I'll add. We don't know that the treatment of the cogenitor was indeed wrong. It was indicated in the episode that they only comprise about 3 percent of the population. For something like this to result in a suicide, one could assume that this third gender was not emotionally stable. That could very well be the reason "it" was treated like it was.
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