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Re: Older people - How do you define 'young'

Not being "old" (i.e. over seventy years of age) I suppose "older" (i.e. not old but also not young) means people like myself, I thought I might as well put my two cents into this thread:

Young is that which is not old; young is the cheese that hasn't found it's taste, the wine that is merely grape-juice, the car you'd scrap rather than sell to a collector, the music that hasn't been muzak'ed, the TV-series that still runs, the candle you've just lit, Kirk before The Motion Picture, the bread that is still edible, the fashion some would call outrageous, the technology children -but not their parents- understand and use... young is the 'before', where mature is the 'after'...

I think I better read the rest of the thread now.

Having done that (read the rest of the thread) I feel I should add that old is what you are in the process of becoming when you notice that you have more in common with your parents than you have differences
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