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Re: How is Janeway sexy? (Part II)

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No I haven't seen it before, but yes so far all she's done is sit and look miserable!

I'm watching it thinking, "and we're supposed to sympathize with these characters why??"

I'm so happy about Orange, at last someone recognizes KM's comic and dramatic and flamboyant skills! She was gorgeous in Mercy, but she should have had more of a lead role. Jeannie Flanagan ftw. I'm hoping KM gets more and more roles that showcase her talent thanks to Orange.
Oh man, you haven't seem it? They will be moving "The Wailing Wall" to Aussieland. I think that last 2 or 3 episodes didn't even air on TV. You had to see it on the net. And if you weren't in the States, you had to go "on the high seas" to see it was one of those limited to a certain area.

I think they were going for a younger/network version of "The Sopranos" and it, being network and it's limitations, just didn't work. I never felt sorry for the boys because they seemed to bring it all own themselves.

I am so happy about OitNB too. We finally have a chance to see the Divine Miss M strut her stuff and showcase her talents. She is such a great character actress. This is a part she can really sink her teeth in and shine. I am gonna really be upset if she is not nominated for an Emmy for "Tit Punch".
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