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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

Slowly wading my way through season 2. God, some of the footage is appalling quality. Mainly dark scenes, but certainly not confined to them.

Regards the extended Measure of a Man, I have a question. If the extended footage really was gained from an old VHS tape (let's be kind and assume it was super duper quality studio master grade), why can't the same HD quality that was obtained from the SD tape through restoration, be obtained from the CBS video tapes for all the missing scenes from various other episodes in future seasons.

I can't believe that when the original filmed episodes were transferred to video for post production, editing etc that it gave a lower quality than what was on Snodgrass' Measure of a Man VHS.

There's two minutes of SD footage across season 5. OK, it's only two minutes, but if that's two minutes of the same upscaled quality I saw in BOBW, then I'd like to see some HD restoration from the video used to make the DVDs. Or will CBS do this in the future just to milk the fans for even more cash?
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