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Re: How bitter was J. Michael Straczynski towards DS9?

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Paramount are still pieces of shit toward Star Trek. It's just that Paramount execs and Abrams&Co are on the same wavelength. So they don't have to dictate them as much as they had to dictate Berman&Co.
I'll admit I liked the two recent movies, and the casting really really helps forget the weak writing, but those two movies are only Star Trek by name.
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I think Abrams Trek movies are good movies, but it's hard for me to see them as Trek movies because they're intellectually so out of sync with what I consider Trek. It should be considered just a good remake of Trek rather than canonically part of the same multiverse, and it certainly shouldn't stop the prime universe from ever being explored again. They should just be treated like a separate entity.
And this has what exactly to do with the DS9/B5 thing?
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