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Re: Bread & Circuses - Kirk's Folly

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Shat has done as well as Kirk on the ladies front - have you seen his wife?
I have, indeed. She used to be kinda hot, when they first got together. Now, she's gotten long in the tooth and big in the rear. It took far less than that for The Shat to dump Marcie (aka Chief DeFalco of TMP fame) after 20 committed years, for a younger model! Marcie, quite rightly, I thought, felt that she was the Total Package. Even all those years ago, right after TMP, Shat put on the pounds again, started wearing a girdle and sported that rediculously curly hair-hat, and Marcie tolerated it ... all in the name of love! Oh, she was so bitter, afterwards ... so very bitter ...
It Takes Two.
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