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Re: How is Janeway sexy? (Part II)

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No I'm watching the whole thing. It's only 13 eps, it's easier than watching Taylor Schilling's self absorbed vagueness in Mercy. Apparently Kate is in 9 eps. Hopefully the first ep counts as one she isn't in so I've knocked one Kate-less ep on the head.

There's also an ep (the next one I believe) that was never aired because it was too graphic. So far I've have yet to acquire the whole thing but I might look around to see if it's online somewhere.
TC, have you seen this show before? It's awful but for Kate. As far as "Mercy" and Taylor..I had rather watch Jeannie ANYTIME than Kate standing/sitting around looking miserable or serving/making casseroles. And then the LAST Episode..OMG. Glad they cancelled it..needed to be put out of it's misery. The only redeeming object was Kate and then they.....I can't say it. You have to watch it and SCREAM at the TV like I did.
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