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Re: First time watching Enterprise!


I‘ve seen this one before its on my Borg fan collective dvd set. It has Bonita in it, phlox’s real life wife, I had the opportunity to meet her once and she is so lovely and awesome not to mention does a great job as General Beckman in the series Chuck.

It feels like this episode has a different tone to the rest of the series with the focus on the threat posed by these unknown beings and lots of tension as their attempts to stop the Borg drones mostly fail. I kinda like the episode but the whole thing where Phlox just invents a way to cure a Borg nano probe infection annoys me as well as the whole here are the Borg and in the future when Picard and his crew encounter them for the first time there wont be any record of this encounter of Phlox’s nano probe cure (not that the Borg Picard and crew encountered had nano probes cause they happened later).

It gets three stars.

First Flight

I have heard it said that the creators of Enterpise originally wanted the first season or half a season to be set on earth and show the events leading up to the creation and launch of Enterprise. I don’t know how true that is but if this was the kind of stories they had in mind then I would have loved having the first half of season one being on earth.

I love this episode. We get to see some backstory for Archer and Trip and how they met. We get to see that bar maid that has been mentioned in previous episodes by various characters. We get a really good character in the form of Robinson I wish eh was in more episodes. We also get to see the Vulcans being frustrating in their interference and influence in the development of human technology.

The events in this episode make Archers earlier behaviour toward Vulcans just as dickish as before but more understandable if you see it as the result of years, decades even, of having to put up with this kind of interference.

I'm hoping there are more episodes like this one and I award it a full five stars
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