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Re: First time watching Enterprise!

The Breach

This was an amazing episode with great acting from Phlox. The issues presented in the episode, primarily the scenario of someone being held accountable for the atrocities committed by their people during a war that was over long before they were born and how both sides continue to persist in seeing the other as monsters, is handled very well imho. I like how there is a glimmer of hope at the end that things may slowly begin to change but at the same time its going to be a long hard up hill struggle for that change to have any great lasting effects on either society.

The finding missing Denobulan scientist plotline managed to be both suspenseful and funny and I like it that Travis has a chance to do something beyond sitting at the helm. His interest in rock climbing established in previous episodes comes in handy and its nice to see the camaraderie between Travis, Trip and Reed. I really love that they donít make the rendezvous just in the nick of time but are fairly late due to the delays suffered like Travis injury and the Denobulan scientists initial reluctance to be rescued.


Is it bad that I found the scenes with Trip and the cogenitor so boring that I fast forwarded through them? I know this is trying to talk about a serious issue, maybe, but it just feels contrived, and slightly outta character, and confusing as im not entirely sure what issue this is meant to represent.

It feels like the montage of him teaching her stuff and them bonding is meant to elicit a more positive response but it just makes me wonder why no one on the alien ship has noticed him constantly visiting that couple quarters when their both out on duty or why no one on Enterprise has noticed his long absences since he is the chief engineer and therefore necessary presence if the ship is to keep running smoothly (though TíPol does later confront him on this so at least one person is paying attention).

The scenes with Archer and the alien leader exploring inside a star together is fun and interesting in how Archer is most impressed with the aliens technology whilst the alien guy is most impressed by earths literature. Shows the different cultural values nicely.

Also Reed and the alien gal and their blatant flirting and innuendo. I guessing since her suggestion of spending the night together took place before the montage of Trip teaching the cogenitor about...being a person i guess . I assume that montage was supposed to cover a good couple of days that Reed and the alien girl got to do the horizontal mambo together and the episode just didnít see the need to reference that particular subplot again.

I give this episode one and a half stars and thatís for the Archer and Reed subplots cause the mainplot is a definite zero imho.
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