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Re: First time watching Enterprise!

From now on I'm not gonna make any predictions about when I will be able to post my thoughts on the episodes I've watched because every time I do real life stuff happens that makes me post later than previously promised.



Its great to see the Klingon legal system in action and to hear not-Martok talk about how Klingon society used to be more than just warriors. The easy escape from Rura Penthe is slightly annoying after all of the trouble Kirk and McCoy will have but I guess they upped security over the years. I cant really think of much else to say about the episode other than awesome

I do wonder if not-Martok is an ancestor of general Martok. Maybe once he got out of Rura Penthe he took up farming

I give this episode four and a half stars.


Mayweather receives some bad news and pays a visit home. I like that we get some backstory on him and this episode seems to further some of the themes from Fortunate Son where Travis is made to feel bad for leaving his freighter family to join Starfleet and also experiences being seen as an outsider because of this.

I find myself sympathising with his younger brother a lot. The guy is still dealing with the emotional pain of losing his dad yet has to take charge of the ship and be responsible for it running on time and the safety and well being of everyone on board. To top that off is the knowledge that it was his brother Travis who had been groomed to take the leadership role but he ran off to Starfleet instead.

Having Travis suddenly show up after not hearing form him for so long with all these tales of his adventures aboard Enterprise and his helpful ideas about upgrades that he just goes ahead with only asking permission after hes been found out and its not surprising there would be some resentment.

Overall I give this episode four stars.
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