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You do remember that Carey worked under Picard on the Enterprise?

(Josh played unnamed lieutenant in TNG Justice)

He's fine with the idle of his career path.
Carey was an Ensign in Justice, which was in 2364. In 2371, 7 years later, he's a full Lt. and next in line to become Chief Engineer of Voyager. To compare, when LaForge took over as Chief Engineer of a ship 10x as large, he had only been newly promoted to full Lt. and was previously the Conn Officer. Maybe Picard was generous with his officers' recommendations for promotion? I mean, he did make Wesley a full Ensign and O'Brien masqueraded as a full Lt. for awhile, as well.

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Torres was lieutenant junior grade.

Tom was full lieutenant.
Why would Torres be Chief Engineer yet not have at least the same (provisional) rank as Carey? It would be confusing as to who had the authority around there... maybe it came down to which was more intimidating?
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