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Re: How bitter was J. Michael Straczynski towards DS9?

I think Abrams Trek movies are good movies, but it's hard for me to see them as Trek movies because they're intellectually so out of sync with what I consider Trek. It should be considered just a good remake of Trek rather than canonically part of the same multiverse, and it certainly shouldn't stop the prime universe from ever being explored again. They should just be treated like a separate entity.

For DS9 vs B5, I say if DS9 did copy some of the base ideas for B5, good for them, because they wrote the ideas much better.

And I get an image in my head of two eighty year olds, fifty years from now, refusing to speak to each other because one likes DS9 and the other likes B5. Then their twenty year old grandson walking in, giggling and thinking "Pops, you and your silent movies".
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