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^No we'll have to wait for ME6 to relive that particular pleasure.

It is encouraging that Bioware appear to be taking their time with both the new Dragon Age and Mass Effect games. If they're sensible, they might be able to alternate these two franchises to one every two years as opposed to one every year, giving the teams a good 4 year cycle with a separate team handling the DLC & MP side of things.

That shouldn't hurt the production of the next game since it'd be mostly done in the first 6-12 months and by people who's skills won't be needed on the next game until production gets into full swing.

Speaking of vehicles; anyone remember when they said the vehicle sections we saw in 'Firewalker' & 'Shadow Broker' were test beds for what they were planning for ME3? And what did we get out of it?...Three or four pointless turret sections.
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