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Re: Any missing scenes on the TOS DVDs?

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I going through the series on Laserdisc and there's a lot of things that were different, compared to the remastered episodes. The original mono tracks are most of the time just downgraded versions of the 5.1 tracks they made for the original season DVDs. The episode of Miri has just a downgraded remastered track for the original mono track, complete with the newly recorded theme. The tracks for The Cage and The Menagerie have alternate music cues and A Taste of Armageddon has a noticeable splice within the music cue that has always bothered me, but it correct on the Laserdisc version.

I am trying to edit scores for each and every episode. I noticed Miri has a cue that is not on the set. Which cue is used on the laser-disc of Miri in the scene she is talking to Kirk at around 14:30?
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