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Re: The Walking Dead Season 4

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These two episodes have been pretty useless. As a character study it is somewhat interesting, but it was just 2 hours of watching The Governor turn into the character he was to begin with. He could have shown back up without them and the net effect on the overall story would be zero.
Yep, definitely. This episode was better and more worthwhile than the last one thought. I was excited to see Enver Gjokaj in the cast but then...well.

I was disappointed with Martinez's decisions. He seemed a lot smarter and more capable last season, he didn't seem the type to blindly trust The Governor so easily, and his rationale for keeping him alive was weak.

Before this season I would have thought Glenn was safe, but now I can see him dying. I don't think it will have the same impact had he died in last season though.
My guess is they are paralleling the comics with the scene with the tank, although Herschel will be a stand in for another major character. My prediction is that he dies and Beth and Judith die. The governor will die at the hands of Lilly and the prison will be abandoned.
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