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Re: Star Trek: Starships Model/Magazine Subscription

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I just received the Excelsior, Defiant, future Enterprise-D, and DS9 in one delivery. The DS9 model isn't all that impressive -- the fusion reactor was glued on at an offset angle of about 20° and the three deflector arrays on Ops weren't aligned correctly, so I had to fix both of those faults myself. The tower antennae were also missing from Ops but given the scale (1:10000) I'll overlook that. The accompanying magazine makes up for the model's deficiencies and includes a lot of info I hadn't seen before (although keen fans might not see anything new). The future Enterprise-D looks pretty much like a kit bash, no surprises there. There was no magazine with it. The Excelsior and Defiant models and magazines are just fine though. I didn't know the nose of the Defiant was a detachable "warhead" module nor that the ship itself had a shuttle bay (I wasn't paying attention I guess).
I thought they pushed the model of the DS9 spacestation. They sent a note that we wouldn't be billed until December.

How did you get yours?
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