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Re: what's your local weather?

Wow, Shinzon, that rose twig is pretty! You have quite an eye for interesting motives. I love the one you entered in the avatar contest!
In my opinion every weather is tea weather, though. Maybe we can find common ground: how about "every weather is chocolate weather"?

nureintier, the dog is adorable! *melts away* Are your others as cute? I think your pic would also be a very good candidate for the avatar contest.
As you are comperatively new and maybe not familiar with the game, here are the rules: it needn't be your avatar, the picture only has to be avatar sized, i.e. 150x150 pixels at maximum. You enter a picture in the current contest, after the entry there'll be a vote by all board members who wish to participate and the winner may choose the topic for the next contest. It's a lot of fun Join us if you like. The more, the merrier.

Local weather here: sunny but frosty. A glorious winter day. The sunrise was simply breathtaking: the sun looked about 4 times its usual size due to some weird lens-effect by warm and cold air layers. I took a pic of frost crystals but promptly forgot the camera at my office. I'll post it tomorrow
We had a dusting of snow yesterday in the small hours but it's already melted. The first rivers are sterting to freeze over, though. Saw a cat sitting on a pond today, staring at the fishies under the ice LOL
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