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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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You need to measure from the corridor junctions to get a true idea of the width.
But the problem remains that we'd still need the actual size figures of the original TMP set. Unless we don't have these, I see no alternative than to rely on the known body height of actors, put these at 90 and use them as a biological "rulers". This is how I arrived at a width of 132 cm for the corridor floor area revealed on the (apparently accurate) stage plan and from that derived the other size figures (some fans might want to believe that Bill Shatner is taller than he is but that should not influence our size estimates ).

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The trouble is that Probert's original design (along with the blue vertical stripe on the dorsal) would require much smaller sets than the ones we ended up with on screen. It is clear that while Probert was approaching the design of the refit from a more realistic real-world perspective, the actual set designers were focused on making everything seem BIG and CINEMATIC.
Absolutely! Production designer Hal Michelson seemed to have a soft spot for oversized sets, it often looked like they were trying to hard to compete with the large UK sets from Star Wars.

Andrew Probert always got the reply "Nobody is going to measure it with a ruler." Yeah, sure (I already did back in 1980).

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Squeezing the vertical tube (as seen) into the dorsal might be possible with a bit of squinting, but what about the multitude of personnel walking left and right in the corridors - are they all going up stairs into the saucer undercut?
Since the corridor ahead of the engine room is off center towards the starboard side there'd be inevitably stairs there. On the port side I would assume mostly turbo lift cabs (and according to my estimates there'd be space for these)

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The "impulse crystal" would basically have to be a hollow bowl to fit the Upper Engine Room beneath it. The whole setup eats into space that might logically be reserved for the glowing "impulse" machinery, and the 23' width of the room would still not fit. I must admit, I am still skeptical...
But its explosion in TWOK made it look like a hollow bowl, didn't it? As for the glowing impulse engines I guess it wouldn't be that much of a problem, but apparently I should focus on making some visual presentation of these issues...and a new thread as recommended by blssdwlf.

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