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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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So as interesting as placing the engineroom as seen up where the impulse engine/neck sounds, it doesn't work and causes way more problems than it solves in it's current configuration.

I'm unable to follow.
  • It would relocate the blue corridors "inside" the ship and the saucer where these make better sense
  • It would explain how Kirk and Scotty arrived so quickly at the transporter room
  • It would free us from the need to rationalize circular corridors in the engineering hull
  • It would not introduce an even longer corridor at the bow of the engineering hull
  • It would not require a rationalization why the TWOK energizer room was miraculously spared from Khan's slicing feast (shifting the warp engine room further to the stern will beg for explanation)
  • It would, last but not least, keep the warp drive engine room exactly where Mr. Probert intended it to be along with the special intermix shaft cover panels on the connecting dorsal pylon.
All it really takes is either some tolerance towards a few inches or feet of sets a little too wide and/or high (literally nothing compared to the Rec Deck issue) or a slightly bigger ship.

As a matter of fact, I failed to include the dark "fin" attached to the dorsal near the saucer undercut in my calculations, that should also add a few feet to the engine room's width.

IIRC, your 355 m overall length estimation resulted from the examination of the cargo and hangar deck's width. Did you include the outgoing bright corridor on the starboard side in your figures?

Once the size of the ship has already been boosted from 305 to 355 m to accomodate Mr. Probert's aforementioned matte painting, I'm confident - if considered absolutely necessary - another size increase will not nearly be that drastic but rather moderate.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone

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