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Re: Bread & Circuses - Kirk's Folly

THAT WHICH SURVIVES, an underrated episode in my view, is the flip side of GALILEO. Separating Shatner and Nimoy can lead to better plots; WRATH OF KHAN and UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY also support that. The best result of overusing the classic trio beamdown of KS&M is that it puts Scotty in command. Yet Scotty seems overly wussy in the third season (''Cap'n, we're caught in a storm, dinna know what;s causin' it, we can't last!''). Please.

GALILEO also sticks out for its diverse landing party. Gaetano and Boma are character standouts, and you have the ''trinity'' of Spock, McCoy and Scotty. A good combo in all. First year landing parties were usually larger and unpredictable. Guards could actually survive, parties could be six or seven instead of just three. The oddest landing party ever had to be McCoy, DeSalle and Jaeger in GOTHOS. Those three ending up retrieving Kirk AND Sulu. Only in the first year, I suspect, Spock would NOT have gone down right away to find Kirk.

Year Two parties are large and give Chekov and Uhura more chance to leave the bridge. They also cement the stereotype of ''New face? You're doomed.'' Garrovick was one of the lucky few to break the 2nd year curse.

I think TRISKELION had a nice combo in Kirk, Chekov and Uhura. Spock might've trounced the opposition had be been chosen for it. And you once again have the Spock-McCoy-Scotty dynamic working.
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