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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 84: To The Bitter End

Bashir: Y'know, Miles, it was way more interesting when we did this on Kirk's Enterprise...

Rom: Look, brother! Kayla and Charles are finally getting back together. They've been through so much!
Quark: Either turn the channel, or give me that remote!

Sisko was getting uncomfortable with Dukat's increasingly blatant attempts to get Sisko to look at his crotch.

Female Changeling: He's dead.
Bashir: One body and three suspects, on an island only 10 square metres large. What do you think, Captain?
Sisko: What the hell, Doctor? Who do I look like to you, Shaft?!

Sisko: ... and the treasure is believed to be at the bottom of this large underground tomb.
Weyoun: I'm not going to like this, am I?
Sisko: No. And for the rest of this mission, your name is 'Short Round'.
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