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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 84: To The Bitter End

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Classic romantic tangle: boy meets girl, girl meets goo, goo meets Great Link of liquid-shapeshifters out to control the galaxy...
Hooray! Thank you kindly.

``O'Brien…remind me again just how we got drafted by the Klingons this time?''
``Hey, we're getting off easy. These are the uniforms for the Tactical Actuarial Division trainees.''

``And what, now, are we bid for this … uh … fine … gold-painted Wii controller? I have got to start looking at these things before we start the auctions.''

``I wuv ooo dis much.''
``OK, I'm unsettled by that statement in no fewer than fourteen ways.''

``Just hold on a few more minutes, we'll grow your feathers in and you'll make a fantastic turkey.''

``And, Sisko, as you see on our genetic scan --- ''
``Wait, this isn't a genetic scan, this is the emergency exits for the library tower.''
``Um … look over there, a big distracting thing!'' [ Running away. ]
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