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Re: Mass Effect 3

If the destination is the bottom of a spike pit, the journey doesn't seem so great.

And you make a lot of good points, Reverend, but I still feel like it's on EA. If the game isn't finished on schedule, the proper response is not "WELL PUT IT THE HELL OUT ANYWAY", it's to ride them harder as you go and give them more time. Give them a new schedule, but make them stick to it and keep closer tabs on development. If they're faffing about, then crack the whip, but shoving out an undone product is never a good business decision. Outside of modern video games, anyway.

Tho the BS about Tali's face, Allers, and how anything on the ending is throwing good writing after bad? Totally legit, I agree 100%.

As far as I know, Indoctrination theory is more or less dead. At this point, I think most people just do what I do and ignore casey and mac's idiocy and substitute our own ending in.
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