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Re: T.W.O.K vs STID

There's lots of action-adventure out there. Watch Die Hard 13 or something.

ST was action-adventure PLUS. Plus heart and character, humanity, what-ifs, moral conundrums, big speeches, superego-Kirk embracing id-Kirk, "getting" the Horta, not killing the Gorn, McCoy and Spock burying the hatchet when Kirk's lost in the Tholian web, etc. etc. Yes heavy-handed sometimes, but beautiful at others. I just watched "This Side of Paradise" and the scene in the transporter room with Spock and Leila is really touching. It wasn't just action-adventure, and there's good evidence GR ramped that angle up in response to the network (though "Cage" has action fo sho).

There's way more heart and humanity in TWOK than STID imho. Both have action adventure. TWOK is a great blend/balance, thus its being many people's favorite.

Though I'm not a JJTrek fan, I'll grant you 09 had heart and more character. I agree with those above who think ID is a regression from '09.
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