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Re: Trip & T'Pol: The Good That They Do

Time for more pictures.

BTW, I really like the ones from "North Star," HR. Something about the way the background color contrasts with the foreground. Oh, and Trip and T'Pol look good standing together, too!

Well, it's almost the end of S2 on ENT SciFi Mondays. And seeing it over a shortened timeframe, it really does strike me as an odd sort of season for TnT development. Lots of standing together, working thru various crises, occasional teasing interaction, but nothing that I'd call really substantive personal, one-on-one interaction until the 20th episode of the season "Horizon" (unless you count "Singularity," which I really don't because Trip was not quite himself).

Anyway, the movie night sub-plot gets some extra attention because in S2, it is perhaps one of the more significant TnT threads with some "classic" TnT interaction. The set-up actually goes back to a brief scene in "The Catwalk" after T'Pol watches a western with the crew....

Trip says that he's glad that T'Pol could join them and tells her that they have movie night every Tuesday if she's interested.

Cut to "Horizon" about 8 episodes later...Trip and T'Pol are working together on sensors to monitor volcanoes on a planet and Trip notes that there won't be much to do in the coming days because all the data will be automatically recorded. Very smooth, Trip.

T'Pol replies that he should have plenty of time to practice his harmonica. (I think T'Pol is getting the hang of this teasing stuff.)

Trip's reaction....

Trip tells T'Pol that Chef's agreed to have movie night every night, and since T'Pol enjoyed that western so much, he thought she'd be interested.

T'Pol's not so sure about this.

Trip lists all the movies that will be showing... "Frankenstein," "Bride of Frankenstein," etc.

T'Pol walks over to Trip and says that she has no interest in horror movies. (Hmmm....why does she have to stand so close to him again?)

This is not what Trip wants to hear -- he goes into pleading mode.... says T'Pol doesn't have to come to all of them -- just the first one.

He tries a new approach -- says this will be right up her alley -- reanimated life forms, science gone amok, etc.

Goes back to working

Then turns around again to give her one final smile.

And T'Pol has a dilemma....

Nice scene. T'Pol banters easily with Trip now. And she says she's not interested in horror movies but then wavers. she more prone to influence now or is it Trip's charm? More to come....
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