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Re: The Curator.... Who is he? (SPOILERS for "The Day of the Doctor")

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I would like to know, how did Clara, of all people, did not recognize the curator as the Doctor?
Because when she went into the Doctor's time stream, there was only 11 (12) faces to see. The Curator is a future version of the Doctor, so hasn't yet--at the point Clara jumped in--become a part of the current Doctor's time stream.

Basically the same reason she didn't see Capaldi's Doctor.
As Eleven collapsed in the Tomb/TARDIS, didn't he say that his timeline rotating in front of him represented ALL of his travels - even future ones that he had NOT YET experienced... and that was why the time paradox was particularly damaging to him at that point?

If this is the case, shouldn't Capaldi's Doctor -and all future Doctors- be running around in there, visible to Clara? I could see why this complication would not work very well within the storytelling of this episode, but shouldn't Clara have seen ALL Doctors (past, present & future) while she was trapped within the mists of that timeline?
Well the Christmas Special flat out saying 11 is the one who was at Trenzalore does give them an out on this.
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