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Re: NBA Season - 2013-2014

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I predicted this while he was in College. It's how awkwardly he lands on his legs.
Has he had prior right meniscus injuries?
No, I was just watching him light it up in the Tourney and I said "He has to stop doing that (how he's landing on his legs) or someone is going to be very disappointed in him because of injuries." To see a difference, (I'm no doctor) watch how Chris Paul lands. I knew he would tear up his knees and have chronic ankle issues.

I called Kevin Love "a big gump." "He'll have major leg injuries, too." I thought the 2008 class was going to be in for disappointment if these were the best players.
According to the kinesiologist's website Timby provided, Rose didn't hurt the right knee while "landing". I can't recall exactly how he hurt his left knee but I don't recall that one happening when he landed either. And how does Paul land so differently than Rose?

And what is it about Kevin Love that you find that indicates he is more susceptible to "major" leg injuries? He is not an explisive leaper, nor does he take off with speed or quickness or use either as a primary part of his game.

But as an aside, Andrew Bynum hurt one of his knees (dislocted patella, bone briuse) landing. It was later determined that the way he was built, his legs, and body, lanky and heavy (though not overly so), caused him to have a propensity for knee injuries.

I'm still waiting to hear exactly why this injury is keeping DRose out for the season. If anyone hears, please post.
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