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Federation Space

Federation Space: Where new legends are born

In the wake of a government's failure, the people of the Federation turn towards the future. A new President works to rebuild and reshape the UFP, restoring it to its former glory. What enemies wait in the shadows, ready to pounce upon the re-made Federation? What alliances will crumble and which former enemies will become trusted friends?

Welcome to Federation Space, a Star Trek Role-Playing game set 37 years after the events portrayed in ST:TNG, STS9, and ST:Voyager. Players assume the roles of Star Fleet Officers and enlisted members stationed on ships and bases throughout Federation Space.

Federation Space has over one hundred members, and is always looking to recruit more. We currently have 9 ships, each with ten or more crew, and three Starbases. We are expanding, and testing out our first Player Run Starbase.

Choose whether you want to serve on: USS Enterprise, USS Drake, USS Philedelphia, USS Dauntless, USS Titan, USS Gettysburg, USS Copernicus, USS Sheridan or Space Station Sierra 18.

Right now, we really need Science, Medical and Engineering officers.

Experienced players and new player welcome. This is a multi-thread style RPG, so for some of you it may take some getting used to, but it is great fun, and the player base is scattered across the globe, and very friendly and tight knit community.

Join the fleet at
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