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Re: Survivor 27: Blood vs Water

It's true, Tim & Marie aren't nearly as obnoxious as some of the other jerk couples in the past. Like last season, the team that lost while holding the Express Pass. If they didn't lose so early they would have been insufferable the whole season. They were worse than Colin & Christie. Which is why I wouldn't be too unhappy if Tim & Marie won, their obnoxiousness is entertaining more than it is exasperating. But sometimes weak teams manage to float through barely then just happen to have one really good leg that just happens to be the last leg. Which is why I'm so glad Ally & Ashley are out, they might have been that team this year.

I think Ciera's going home next, unfortunately. I think Tyson used to see her as the weak tagalong, but she ruined that when she manipulated the idol information out of Katie. Unless Ciera manages to rally people against Tyson this week or wins immunity, I don't see her surviving the episode.

Is this week's episode a new episode or a recap? I hate recaps and I don't care that it's the day before Thanksgiving. I never watch the recap episodes.
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