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Re: Favourite Trek Couple

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I only criticized Karabear for using the term/smiles wanting to vomit to describe a couple that happens to be interracial. It is a poor choice of words and expression. that was my criticism.

I never said she was can I when I don't even know her. what I said was she could be blurring on racial lines with her expression.
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Spock/Uhura (Star Trek 2009): unfortunately I did not like the movie into darkness and everything that came with it.
Did somebody by the name of KaraBear just vomit at mention of this couple? vomiting at the mention of two minority characters in a romantic relationship is just a big NO NO. prejudice much? or pephaps its because she ruined your K/S slash.
Looks like you went a lot further than that. "prejudice much?" seems pretty direct to me.

Please stick to the topic and avoid interpreting other people's motives.
thank you. Please look at this imdb boards and comments to understand my concerns for people using strong words to define an interracial pairing.

I hope you understand when I say words like this are highly insulting to interracial parings regardless of if you mean it or not. the person's motive is always technically interpreted with words like that. Some insults are just off limits to a specific group of people. The IMDB board showed how a imdb user was highly offended when another user called an interracial couple disgusting.this is the point I was trying to make.

a lot of interracial couple are highly offended when people call their relationship disgusting. Karabear did not say the term disgusting to define the spock/uhura dymanic, she put a smiley face of her vomiting. which is in synonym to disgust.

I wonder why karabear did not define other couple she did not like with a smiley vomit or feel the need to mention or reply to those who mentioned a couple that they liked but she did not like. No. she specifically went after the interracial pair and implied it made her want vomit.

thank you.
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